Shamanic Ceremony

These session are transformational and are good support during any big transitions in life. We work with whatever is occurring in your life and root down to the core belief.  We discover why the experience/s came into your life and when the pattern began in your souls incarnation process. We’ll work with soul cell recovery from this life time and soul retrieval from the first life time the pain imprint began in, so a new trajectory can be created from a space of wholeness.

tools we may work with: Inkan illumination, soul retrieval, spirit extraction, shamanic journeying, intrusion removal, past life reading, chakra clearing & aligning, meditation, sound healing & toning, work with stones/crystal grids, spirit animal retrieval, aura reading

to schedule an appointment call Urban Elements Salon & Education Center in Petaluma, CA at (707) 452-3210 or email at

60 minutes/ $100

120 minutes / $200