Reiki is a Japanese based hands on healing modality that delivers “sacred and mysterious” (rei)  ”life force energy” (ki). It was brought to this planet in 1922 to help with healing and ascension. Reiki helps the body enter the relaxation state and raises the vibration of the energetic light field. This creates an opening to heal traumas, release from old patterns, and brings in light, which translates to joy.

In a reiki attunement,  a sacred initiation occurs connecting the student to reiki energy. In this process, the entire energetic body shifts to a new, higher vibration. This means that everything in ones life, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, raises to a new level. This shifts the assemblage points from where you view the world.

 Reiki is an expression of love and creates space for you to be at peace. It can shift anger, sadness, addiction, anxiety, apathy, and resistance. When reiki is flowing through the body, patterns can be released and one is able to enjoy simply being present. When you become connected to this healing energy, it naturally flows through the body and out the hands. After one class, you will be initiated as a reiki healer and have the tools to provide this healing for yourself and others.

Usui Reiki Classes:

Reiki I (Shoden)

Reiki II (Okuden)

Reiki III (Shinpiden)

Karuna Reiki Classes: (inquire for more info)

*pre-requisite is Usui Reiki 3

Karuna I & Karuna II

Lightarian Reiki Classes: (inquire for more info)

*pre-requisite is Karuna II

Lightarian 1-6

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