Reiki Gem Elixirs

Charged with reiki, calcite & burgundy rose quartz. Pure, organic & sustainably sourced essential oil, charged and purified water & ethically sourced crystals.


i am rainbow

I AM RAINBOW: with jasmine & lavender essential oil. opens 6th chakra and increases psychic awareness. brings in divine light and releases heavy energy. $15


i am infinity

I AM INFINITY: with bergamot, ylang ylang & sandlewood essential oil. opens higher chakras. clears and aligns energy channels. lightens energy & lifts mood. $15


i am nature

I AM NATURE: with cedarwood essential oil. opens root chakra and connects you to mama earth. grounds and harmonizes with nature energy. $15

i am light

I AM LIGHT: with tea tree essential oil. opens solar plexus and increases personal power. energizes physical body and clears mind. $15