Crystal Necklaces

jewelry for healers, spirit travelers, crystal & indigo children, medicine weavers & earth caretakers. created to birth a new way of honoring earth, gems & ourselves. every crystal is attuned to reiki energy & each piece woven with light: they vibrate at a high frequency & rarely need to be cleared. they reflect heavy energy & enhance spirit work. a healing amulet to carry with you for protection, guidance, beauty & to aid in raising your vibration & the vibration of the planet.

Angel Opal Quartz


quartz is one of the most powerful transmitter crystals. the first radios created used quartz to send & receive signals because it hones in on the particular vibration (station) & amplifies it. bonded with platinum, opal aura quartz helps open to etheric realms, facilitate deep meditation & grounds wisdom received. they assist in pulling in greater love & romance. boosts the immune system & stimulates hope & optimism. powerful for multi-dimensional healing, those working in trauma or with sensitive children & healers working with stones & gridding (these are receptive to programming).

Rainbow Chakra


quartz utilize ancient power of alchemy by bonding precious metals from the earth with the quartz. bonded with platinum, titanium, silver & gold creating a vibration that stimulates the spirit & lifts moods. amplifies meditation, opens to the frequency of spirit guides, angels, & power animals, assisting in seeing & communicating with your guides. as you clear, align & activate each chakra you become a more luminous rainbow! imagine spinning disks of color in the chakras to activate & clear them. great for healers, aura intuitives, tarot readers, anyone working with the chakras & reading energy.

Feather Goddess


Feather Goddess 2


rooster medicine…they call out the coming of the dawn, unafraid, confident & bold. nearly impossible to intimidate, they embody energy of always speaking your truth: regardless of the reception, bring the light! ancient feng shui practitioners were known to paint a red rooster on one side of the house for protection, to safeguard from heavy energy & dark spirits. Celtics would wear feathers to access wisdom from celestial realms. in ancient Egyptian heritage in the Hall of Truth, the 1st stop on the journey to the other side, the heart is weighed against that of a feather, energy of purity, beauty, authenticity & love.

Sun Aura


tangerine sun opal quartz is bonded with gold & iron. links the physical & subtle bodies, assisting with deep lineage & cellular healing initiating subtle DNA changes to shift trauma that’s been living in lineages for centuries. powerful for those working with ancestral & family healing or those with deep trauma in history. dispenses light into dark spaces. used to disperse dark moods, uplift the spirit, & allows one to be more responsive in facing life’s challenges with cheerfulness. Egyptian deity Horus is the falcon-headed sky god. his name means one from above. his right eye represents the sun, his left eye the moon. he embodies cosmic energy.

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