Energy Reading

These sessions are good if you’re wanting chakra clearing, insight about what’s happening in your field or support with clearing heavy energy. We can look at where you are on your life path and the energy manifesting in the 7 layers of your aura. We’ll read a couple past lives that relate to your life experience now and look at how each chakra is running. These sessions are combined with reiki and shamanic work, with a focus on reading the aura. Some other energies we can look at:

-children/animal contracts, spirit animal information & retrieval, soul/karmic agreements, spirit guides (meeting or receiving messages), job/career/life work, past lives, life purpose, female/male energy, creative projects, relationships (karma and contracts)

to schedule an appointment call Urban Elements Salon & Education Center in Petaluma, CA at (707) 452-3210 or email at

30 minutes / $50

60 minutes / $100

120 minutes / $200