Talismen Jewelry

“In the rainbow prophecy, the tribe would wear feathers and beads and communicate with the flowers. The flowers would guide them and support them as they walked their life paths. This also would be a time when all the esoteric teachings of the world’s traditions will be revealed, so there will be no secrets, no reason to fear each other, or to be in conflict. This is certainly what is happening now. Not everyone has the strength or disposition to be a warrior. Many are Rainbow Walkers…they are walking across the Rainbow bridge to a new time.”

~ Oh Shinnah, medicine woman from Tineh (Apache)

Every stone, feather & bone has been intentionally selected and has spoked to be a part of these talismen. They’ve been cleared and attuned to reiki energy. When you receive a piece, you receive a healing amulet to carry with you for protection, guidance, beauty, and to aid in raising your vibration and the vibration of the planet.



gem elixirs

~ may you amplify love, inspire magick, and feel absolutely beautiful ~