About & Testimonials

Our goal is to bring divine order back to this world through truth. Truth is light. As we become completely honest with self and others, we bring light into the body.  Every time we feel truth, speak truth, embody truth, we bring more light into a space that was previously dark. This is becoming enlightened. We become light.

The cosmos, mama earth, all of us are a part of a massive transformation. As light beings we are being called to speak the truth and take a stand for the light. Cast aside old barriers, olds traditions, old beliefs, and be completely authentic. There can no longer be old patterns of abuse, neglect, and disconnection running about. Rainbow Tribe is about bringing truth and purity back into consciousness. Uniting those who have held honesty, love and compassion.

We must now see what mama earth has been trying to show us for decades. Look to our teachers: the birds, the trees, the animals. The signs are all around us that the time is now. Nature needs us. It is time to return to the ways of the heart.



  • RYT 250 Hour: Trained in Vinyasa, Hot Vinyasa, Buti Yoga, Hot Buti, Inferno Hot Pilates, Bikyasa Yoga, Kid’s Yoga
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Mesa Carrier through the descendents of the Inka
  • Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki Master
  • Metatronia Therapy (Metatron Healing)
  • Sacred Stone Practitioner
  • Intuitive Training Program
  • Ordained Minister
  • Landmark Education Graduate
  • BFA, Academy Of Art, San Francisco



“Katie is a friendly, compassionate, and powerful healer! I saw her to address some stalls and self-sabotage that I was experiencing in getting my business going, as well as issues with men and feeling a bit isolated and lonely. In one incredible session, Katie accessed a past-life of mine during which traumas to all of those areas of my life had occurred, and did a powerful clearing to remove that core wounding. In the following days and weeks, I actually began to recall more past lives and to see how the bigger arc of all of them has led me to where I am now…and to feel a new sense of purpose and motivation with regard to making the moves to really get my business on track. Katie’s work is truly transformative in an exceptionally profound way. If there is any area of life that you are struggling with, give yourself the gift of seeing her as soon as you can!” -Ankke O

“Katie is incredibly honest, sincere and a fantastic listener.  Through shadow work we were able to identify patterns and imprints that I didn’t even know were causing me a great deal of stress.  After identifying and removing these imprints I not only felt a massive change in my day to day outlook but I also felt alive and full of energy in a way I hadnt felt in many years.  Katie has also led me through many powerful manifestation meditations that have changed my life.  A year ago she led me through a very detailed manifestation meditation where she helped me to envision exactly what I wanted my work life to be.  Since that manifestation nearly everything she led me to see has become a reality and I feel very lucky to have worked with her!  Katie is an inspiration and I look forward to working with her again soon!” -Anthony C

“Katie is Ah Mazing! She emits a bright rainbow like energy that I always find so refreshing and rare. Her presence is calm, friendly and powerful. I have gone to her a handful of times when dealing with some of my past trauma that had surfaced and also with matters of the heart. I always leave the session feeling lighter (almost weightless) and clearer. She has taken me on powerful shamanic journeys, done past life retrieval as well as working with/meeting my spirit guides/animals. Katie has helped me clear some unwanted energy, identify triggers and unlock certain “blocks” that had been closed off for some time. Feeling great after my time with Katie I felt inspired to take it to the next level and become attuned to Reiki (which she also took me through). My life has transformed in such a short amount of time. Through all of her healing work with me my path has become eminently clear…I am able to see and stand in my own power and attract who and what I want into my life. I see Katie fairly frequently and look forward to it every time! I feel extremely lucky to have found her.” -Angela P

“I first met Katie at her…Women’s New Moon Circle. It was such a beautiful experience, gathering with a group of women…to be vulnerable, set intentions, empower one another and create together. Katie led us in a shamanic journey to her live drumming…where we met our spirit guides and received so many forms of healing! I’ve been back every month since. 🙂 I also had the incredible pleasure of receiving reiki healing from Katie. WOW! I felt the effects of her work instantly. I was experiencing some blockages and stuck energy that I didn’t even realize was so significant until I walked out of our session feeling “light as a feather”. My mind was clear and my energy was entirely different. I felt so relaxed and loved. Katie has an amazing healing ability and a great amount of passion for what she does.” -Amanda F

“Katie is an amazing and powerful healer, in addition to being a warm, kind and generous person. After creating a safe and sacred container, she combines shamanism, intuitive reading and energy healing to help bring about profound transformation. She helped me identify and clear blocks that were showing up in my relationships, and access guidance from my power animals. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” -Jenny B